Life is a journey – a never-ending journey. If we think the journey is over – it might be just about to begin

I am so grateful to have become the first QTTT Practitioner in Denmark in October 2020.

A wonderful extra tool to offer my clients to you, who would like to grow personally and spiritually.

My journey through life has moved in many different directions. From I turned 30, primarily focusing on growing spiritually. Not that I did not know that there was “more” than I had been raised to see. As a child I used to see magic in everything. Every night, I would pray for my family being protected, and I “knew” that my beloved grandfather was not really dead but would come back again.

Turning 30 was very much one of my many crossroads. I had just divorced my ex-husband – and I was alone with two small boys.  I knew that now it was time. So, I started using stones, crystals, tarot cards, and Transcendental Meditation.

Later on, in 1997 came Reiki, when I was initiated to Reikihealer and in 2000 to Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki opened some new portals for me.

My Camino journey in 2003 opened yet another big portal. I got rid of my fear of being alone. This journey also taught me that we can always have faith in getting what we need from the Universe. We just need to reach out – and the assistance will appear.

I have received a lot of spiritual initiations within Buddhism and Hinduism, the North American Shamanism, and the Chinese Taoism – as well as many other spiritual initiations and activations.

In Peru in 2017, I received so powerful and important initiations that yet another very big transformation happened to me – a transformation I still benefit from today, at the same time as I am totally aware that I am still growing spiritually

I have no idea where my spiritual journey will take me, but I do know that where I am right now is where I want to be right now.

I am very grateful.

Thank you and Namaste

Esther Økær
QTTT Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Healer, Soul Body Fusion Teacher and practitioner
See my entire “CV” here (Unfortunately only in Danish at the moment)