A little collection of testimonials about my work with QTTT Trauma Healing and Trauma Therapy (Quantum Time Travel Technique)

Esther Oekaer possesses the most remarkable capacity to be fully present, available and deeply listen to her clients. She is filled with so much warmth and caring, and guided me through a process so masterfully, which allowed me to connect with my own inner wisdom and unwind the answers to a problem from within. Her approach is so attuned and graceful, and unexpectedly deepened my connection to myself. What a profound and deeply healing and transformative experience it was working with her.
Jillian, Psychologist, New York

Esther held a very safe space for me. Her openness at the beginning of introduction helped me to feel comfortable with sharing something difficult for me to express. I liked the way she gently guided me with her words and presence. She allowed me time to process my emotions. I felt refreshed, and my spine felt aligned after the session. Prior to the session I felt tightness in my back, but after my session with Esther, I felt so good and no tightness found in my body. She did a beautiful job facilitating my session.
Carrie Ann, USA

I am very grateful to Esther Okaer for all the Quantum Trauma Healing sessions she has given me.  She really holds space, listens and sees though things so that she identifies the core of the healing necessary. During one of my sessions she saw things that I had not realized were causing a past unexplainable trauma so her insight made things so clear and therefore healed. I thank her from the bottom of my heart !
Liz, UK

I was not really aware that I had any traumas and which ones. But by a very gentle and safe questioning technique we unraveled, what needed to be released. Esther guided me through a very heartwarming visualization meditation. I felt safe all the way, even though we came through a very emotional release. But this has made a tremendous difference for me. I feel a lightness and more lowered shoulders than ever before. It is like the traumas, we released have become so vague that I can hardly visualize them anymore. Neither do I have any bad emotions around them. They simply lost their importance. A big thank you to Esther for introducing QTTT to me.

I give both the treatment and Esther my best recommendations. If the highest amount of stars is 5 – I will give Esther 10 stars.

Cathrine, Valby, Denmark

When I visited Esther today to try her new healing modality QTTT, I had no idea, what it was. I have had a lot of therapy over the years and worked with my inner child. However, with this fine technique, Esther got hold of a childhood trauma, which made me feel relieved, very grateful and happy, when I left. Esther’s warm personality and intense presence makes you as a client relax, already when you enter the door. You sink deeply into her relaxing chair in an extremely pleasant way – and by the guidance from Esther, you are taken into a healing journey, which you should really give to yourself.

Kirsten, Brønshøj, Denmark

Yet another technique, which Esther Økær is mastering both professional and with a great understanding for her client. You leave the session, feeling very very light, both physically, mentally, and spiritually. You have a sensation as if an old splinter, which has been stuck for a long time, now has totally vanished. My trauma was nothing huge, but somehow, Esther managed to rewind my time by 43 years – back to a time, when I could see all details from my old school. This was so crazy! It left me with a feeling of having done something really good for a good friend – i.e., myself.

I do not suffer from anxiety, but I know many with that challenge, and I imagine that this technique would be extremely helpful against anxiety.

My best recommendations to QTTT Practitioner Esther Økær
K.L., Denmark (I prefer to be anonymous)

I would definitely recommend having a QTTT session with Esther. She is a highly qualified Practitioner.
I have had Soul Body Fusion and a QTTT session with her. She is very intuitive.
Blockages were cleared, and I felt better, and some clarity afterwards as further blocks cleared a few days later.

I highly recommend Esther for any treatment you wish to have.
Brian, Germany

I got the opportunity of turning back time. To heal something, which happened in my childhood, which I thought I had passed a long time ago. I felt very safe during the journey by Esther’s assistance.
Mikkel, Zealand, Denmark
I feel lucky that I have tried QTTT with Esther. It was a huge experience. I was back in my childhood to heal something, which has changed my adult life. But after the journey, guided by Esther, my adult life became completely different. I can warmly recommend Esther.
Jesper, Zealand, Denmark
I can highly recommend Esther. I felt safe all the way. At first I did not really get in contact with anything from my childhood, but by the help from Esther, I got into contact with a childhood situation, which which obviously has had an impact on my reactions as an adult, and which has created a lot of anxiety and insecurity.
This QTTT trauma therapy session has helped me to be more conscious about my feelings and thereby being more good to myself.
Thank you Esther from Marianne, Northern Zealand, Denmark